The Signs Of Domestic Violence

Charging someone with domestic assault is a very serious situation and should not be undertaken lightly. Many people believe they can call the police if a situation is getting out of hand and the police will help mediate the situation. However, the police are required to make an arrest if they think a crime has been committed. This will lead to a chain of events that will require a domestic abuse lawyer to be involved in the court case. The best way to avoid having to go through the problems of a court case and a domestic violence lawyer in Portland is to recognize the signs of assault before they happen by the help of Mark C. Cogan, P.C.

Many people believe that domestic assault is limited to the easily seen signs that you see on television shows all of the time. One person usually ends up being beaten up. That means you can easily see the signs of violence. Your friends, family and even police officers will easily be able to determine that there is a case of domestic assault when the violence is of a physical nature.

One of the kinds of domestic violence that is much more difficult to identify is when it involves emotional abuse. In this type of a situation, one person abuses the other emotionally. This is usually done with words and the way they are intended to inflict harm. The abuser will make the other person feel like they are not worthy to be treated any better. Sometimes this takes the form of embarrassing the other person in public settings. Another of the popular techniques for emotional abuse is to separate their partner from their friends and family.